We created the highest-rated Virtual Reality escape room ever produced in partnership with the film “The Belko Experiment”



The Belko Experiment


March 2nd, 2017


Dan Clifton
Dave Yarovesky


What we did…

Top Right Corner, Producer Dan Clifton and Director David Yarovesky created an elaborate Virtual Reality Escape Room based on the concept of the Orion Pictures release “The Belko Experiment.”

Users are placed in the world of Belko Industries, where they soon realize they are trapped in an office building and must solve a series of intricate puzzles in order to survive. Created in unity, this 15 minute roomscale VR experience was optimized for play on the HTC Vive and Oclus Rift headsets and was. It was released on March 2nd, 2017.

The Top Right Corner team created the entire game in Unity with a 12-week development timetable. Working closely with the filmmakers on “The Belko Experiment” and the Orion Pictures team, TRC created the definitive film/VR crossover digital marketing campaign.


The Campaign:



Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment remains the highest-rated feature film/Virtual Reality created to date with a 87% positive rating on the gaming platform Steam. The game has generated over a hundred million combined impressions/views across Steam, YouTube play-through videos and on the Twitch platform.



The game has been consistently rated as one of, if not the best free escape room puzzle game ever created for release in Virtual Reality, including by WeARVR, by LifeWire, by Vive themselves and by this random YouTube channel.



Top Right Corner created a game that users experienced across multiple platforms including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Headsets, via YouTube and Twitch reaction videos and across Facebook Live. The game was the story but the reaction videos, the social posts, the long tail consumption of the experience became the event we were looking for.

The most important thing for me about a film is tone. You can have a great script and actors but if the tone doesn’t match what you’re going for, it’s not going to work. We wanted to do Belko VR because we thought tonally and conceptually, an escape room experience is intrinsically linked to the film. What better way to capture the tone of The Belko Experiment where 80 employees are trapped in this office, than to put people through the paces of an escape room?
— Dan Clifton, Co-creator of Belko VR