People generally like us and like working with us. Here’s some of the nice things our clients have said about us recently.

Olivia Mascheroni - Director of Development & Production at The Black List, formerly of Blumhouse

“Top Right Corner not only works well under pressure of schedule and a budget, but they truly care about and understand how to create a successful VR product. They are without a doubt the best partnership we have had in the world of film-related VR experiences. Flexible, creative and passionate, they ultimately delivered a fantastic interactive VR game with limited resources and over-delivered on what they set out to do.”

Luke LaBeau - Vice President Digital Marketing at Orion Pictures

“Dan and the team at Top Right Corner created a truly unique, engaging and high-quality virtual reality experience for us, that ended up being a total success from both a critical and consumer perspective. Their team worked with us on a tight turnaround time, and delivered assets early and always kept us informed on the process. This group brought a whole new level of innovation and excitement to our campaign, and they truly have a grasp on existing and emerging technologies in this ever-evolving VR space. I strongly and confidently recommend them for any brand or film studio looking to elevate the landscape of their content. Top Right Corner is the real deal.”

Jeremy Slater - Executive Producer of The Exorcist and  The Umbrella Academy

“Top Right Corner really understand how to create successful VR experiences on a creative and technical level. Dave and Dan came in and produced a 360 VR teaser for the show I created called "The Exorcist" that completely exceeded our expectations of what a VR integration could be. Plus, it scared the hell out of us.”