Top Right Corner partnered with Orion Pictures to bring “Chucky” to life in VR as part of their 2019 Summer Release: Child’s Play





June 24, 2019


Dan Clifton
Evan Smith


What we did…

Top Right Corner created an original horror VR experience inside of the Zedmart Super Store from the film. To do this, we partnered with Pixel Dash Studios out of Baton Rouge, which is run by Evan Smith and Jason Tate. The development team utilized the exact schematics and LIDAR (laser imaging scans) taken from the original sets to create an experience that was accurate to the film down to the millimeter.

Our sound design team, led by feature audio designer Chris Terhune created an ambisonic 360 degree soundscape, punctuated by Chucky’s voice, played by the one and only Mark Hamill.

Dan Clifton directed the experienced in Unity, allowing for complete control of camera movements, lighting and overall animation.

After getting an early look at the script and some of the dailies, the idea was always primal: put the audience on Chucky’s home turf in a place where they will be uncomfortable. In the film, that’s represented by Zedmart, a discount catch-all everything store where much of the action takes place.
— Dan Clifton, director of Child's Play VR
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The Campaign



TRC interfaced with the filmmakers behind the film and Orion Pictures to accomplish our goal. We used Unity to create a VR short film based in the world of Child’s Play that allowed us have full control over the action. We developed this project over a dev timeline of 14 weeks.



Orion Pictures released the experience online on June 12th, following up with a Child’s Play themed event at E3 2019. The video has amassed millions of views via 360-supported video players on Facebook and YouTube. Child’s Play VR was also released via Viveport Video to over 500,000 subscribers and on the Oculus Store.



Top Right Corner delivered over a dozen different versions of the experience for Orion, allowing the flexibility of releasing versions built specifically for Headset use versus watching in 360 players on YouTube. This optionality allowed our team and client to have the greatest outreach.