Dave Yarovesky and Dan Clifton worked with the marketing team at 20th Century Fox Television to make “The Exorcist” go 360



“The Exorcist”


September 4th, 2016


Dan Clifton
David Yarovesky

Demons reside in these very walls... We dare you to watch all the way through.


What we did…

Dan Clifton and director David Yarovesky (Brightburn) teamed up with series creator Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) and the 20th Century Fox Television marketing team to create this 360 Virtual Experience to promote the premiere of the critically-acclaimed TV reboot of a horror classic.


The Campaign



The Top Right Corner team shot this live action 360 video using a state-of-art camera system, a set-build and a very bendy contortionist. The entire project was conceived shot and posted within three weeks.



TRC handled post-production including stitching, VFX, 360 sound design, mixing and finishing. We partnered with the award-winning sound designer Trevor Gates to come up with an ambisonic mix that changes in perspective depending on where the viewer is looking.



The experience launched days before the US Premiere of “The Exorcist",” garnering millions of views on Facebook and YouTube’s 360 Video Players.